Friday, March 20, 2009

Doctors visit

Well I went to my doctor visit and I was the same weight as I was last time I went...she was very pleased. This was my GYN visit so she doesn't see weight loss patients exclusively but she sees quite a few. She told me that in her practice...I would be in the minority of patients who lost the weight and have not gained a significant amount back at the 3 year mark. Oh that is so sad. I wonder what the key is there...I could speculate but I will not. I am thankful that it has been a success for me but I must say that I have to work really hard for it to be this way. Harder than I imagined before I had the surgery.

Now for the bathing suit season...I can hide gross loose skin in the layers of winter but summers comming!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


OK......Lets be honest.....does anyone else plan when they eat certain foods based on what they have to do the next day? I LOVE Wendy's chili.....or my own homemade but you really do not want to spend much time with me the day after...:) This is a side effect of surgery that I can live with...I just need to plan. My poor family!!! I need to try a product called.....Beano. I have tried eating those gas ex strips but they do not help that little problem. Have you tried anything with success?