Friday, February 27, 2009

If you only knew??

I can not tell you how difficult this has been to get a video up and running!!?? I would pull my hair out but I don't have as much as I did 3 years ago so I will leave it alone!! :) I really, really had grand plans of "making" a decent quality video at least once a week is a lot of work to set everything up....and get it on the site...more than I had imagined.

I school our 5 children and run the daily stuff for our ministry. It is a lot and I love it...wouldn't trade it!....but it is overwhelming time I decided that I need to make a simpler video off of our lap top. I have made 5 videos and I couldn't get any of them to work. UUGGG

I finally did a quick capture on you is terrible quality...the sound and the lips do not match...I hate that! But is is there none the less...You may have to close your eyes and just listen to the words.

How is my goal to lose a few pounds..10 to be exact...pretty good but I made an appointment to see my Gynecologist in 3 weeks...this is very motivating...I do not know why...she doesn't care...she is thrilled that I have lost the weight and for the most part kept it off but I for some reason care...Call me crazy!

Anyway here is the link to the video...enjoy or not!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

video faliure???

I finally took the time tonight to make another video. I made it on my web cam on the lap top. It is on my desk top but it will not download onto blogger or youtube....:( I am so frustrated!!! I could scream but I will not! I will try to look at it again tomorrow when my brain isn't fried!

I will tell you that I made one of the simplest meals ever today and it was wonderful. I love to make a meal that I can use more than once and I don't just mean leftovers. This morning I put 8 boneless chicken breasts and one bottle of barbecue sauce in the crock pot on low. It cooked all day and tonight I made mashed potatoes, green beans and steamed mixed veggies to go along with it. It was so yummy! I cut up the left over chicken and tomorrow we will have barbecue chicken sandwiches. I will serve cut up apples and pretzels with it. Maybe you can invision it since I can't seem to get a video together?????