Tuesday, February 24, 2009

video faliure???

I finally took the time tonight to make another video. I made it on my web cam on the lap top. It is on my desk top but it will not download onto blogger or youtube....:( I am so frustrated!!! I could scream but I will not! I will try to look at it again tomorrow when my brain isn't fried!

I will tell you that I made one of the simplest meals ever today and it was wonderful. I love to make a meal that I can use more than once and I don't just mean leftovers. This morning I put 8 boneless chicken breasts and one bottle of barbecue sauce in the crock pot on low. It cooked all day and tonight I made mashed potatoes, green beans and steamed mixed veggies to go along with it. It was so yummy! I cut up the left over chicken and tomorrow we will have barbecue chicken sandwiches. I will serve cut up apples and pretzels with it. Maybe you can invision it since I can't seem to get a video together?????

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