Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Snacks

UUGG...I went to a friends birthday party on Saturday and we were all asked to bring 2 dozen of our best Christmas sweet to share with each other. I brought home a tray of 24 mixed wonderful sweets. This has not been a good thing!! :( They call out to me and most of them are bite size. They have got to go!!! My husband is the only other one who eats them. I have 5 kids who are not big sweet eaters and the main things they like to eat are not on that platter. I refuse to gain weight during the holidays so tomorrow I am going to pack them up and send them with my husband to give away!

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Mike said...

Hey Michele,

You have just experienced what every producer does when posting to YouTube. YouTube always does a reprocessing of you video into their format. In the process it looks like they apply the "Make everything look like crap" filter. Basically they are re-compressing your video into a smaller file size to decrease the load on their servers. The only way to get really high quality is to have it hosted somewhere else where you have the control. The downside it there is a cost to doing that.