Monday, October 19, 2009


No I haven't fallen away! I really wanted to do cooking videos! The set up took forever! I was stressed. I really wanted to write everyday. I was stressed....thus.....aaaggg. You see I homeschool our 5 children.....2nd,4th,7th,8th.11th grades....need I say more??? My husband is full time faith based ministry....what exactly does that mean..for us it means that he speaks mainly at 2 schools early in the mornings before school starts for an organization called FCA most school districts across the country have them....and also he works as the chaplain for a local Christian athletic group. He tells these kids about his life with drugs.....coccain and steriods before he became a Christian. He loves what he does and he is making an impact on their lives.

Neither of these organizations pay him....thus the faith part!So how do we eat....I'm not sure???? If you could see what we have in the bank at any given moment you would be shocked! We have about 15 people who believe in what we are doing and they support us monthly...we are a non-profit......then there are others who send a one time gift and we always have really is amazing to watch as this all unfolds and we are able to see how the Lord provides to the ministry that He called us to. This to can be stressful. So on top of home schooling and normal house stuff...I do all the "secretary" stuff for the ministry. I have another blog that I have been keeping for about a year and I just can't do 2 of them. So you are welcome to check out my other blog. I love to read all of my favorite WLS blogs and keep up with so many of you who are doing so well.

I will tell you that my weight is good...not where I want it to be...but good. 155 I would love to weigh 135...but 20 pounds seems like a very long way off. I would have to exercise to reach that goal as my eating is good. I can hardly find the time to go to the bathroom alone during the day...I don't see myself finding time to exercise. Yes, yes I know I need to make time to take care of is every mothers dilemma!

Please come over and join me here. Happy at Home

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