Thursday, November 13, 2008

The morning after

I felt pretty good after my surgery. I got up out of bed within the first hour...that was tough. I really wanted to sleep but I was determined to do anything I could to make this a success all the way around. My sweet husband walked the halls over and over again in those 2 days. I was given all the normal instructions and home I went. The worst thing that happened to me in the hospital was the unbelievable headache I had from no caffeine! In hind sight I should have quit that little habit before the surgery so I wouldn't have had to deal with that in the hospital.

I did everything the doctor said over the next 6 weeks...I know that some doctors are a little different but mine was serous about letting the internal incisions heal. My stomach and intestines needed a break....I knew I didn't want any leaks so doing my part was really important to me. I am amazed when I hear about people who are eating regular food 1 week after surgery because they are hungry...I'm thinking...why in the world did you have this surgery...this is only the beginning of a lifetime of discipline!

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