Sunday, January 18, 2009

Embarassing Moment

I am a mother to 5 amazing children. I love being a mom! My husband is in full time Christian service. He is really wonderful....I'll tell you more about him later. I speak 1 or 2 times a month to women's groups on a variety of subjects. Well this past week I went to speak at a gathering and I was feeling pretty good about myself. My hair worked, my outfit was fine. Now I am that person that if you drop by my house on any given day you will not find me with any makeup and if I didn't know you were coming..I probably won't have my bra on. I like comfortable! But when I speak to a group I certainly want to look nice. I thought I had achieved that????

I had to tape it for a video that our church is getting together and when I got home I watched the video. You should never watch yourself! My hair....flat, my pants way, way, way too short!and I look like I am pregnant! When am I not going to look like that? While I look so much better than I once did...... and I am grateful for that!!!....I still look pregnant. I am going to have to start some sort of fund raising campaign to pay for a tummy tuck....because god knows that is not in the budget for a minister's family. Well not this minister anyway! You can check out a clip of that video on my other

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Susy said...

Well HI there...just came by to check out your journey. I see some fun vlogs with recipes and i can't wait to check them out and also read about your days. :) Thanks for the comment, hope we keep in touch and learn from each other. :)